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Apple’s iPad Pro M4 Benchmark scores surprise the world

Hugely anticipated leak of the M4 Geekbench Benchmark for the new iPad Pro has finally surfaced. These M4 Benchmark scores have left tech enthusiasts absolutely amazed. Benchmark scores in M4 ipad Pro show that is smarter and faster than a Macbook Pro M3. This analysis digs into the improvements of the 10-core CPU in the M4 over some of the predecessors, including the M3 (released just seven month before these M4 Benchmark tests) as well as some older Apple silicon processors. The scores reveal substantial improvements in both single-core and multi-core performance, very much shedding light on the evolution of Apple’s chip technology over the years and even more so in the recent past.

Overview of M4 iPad Pro Benchmarks

The leaked benchmarks of the M4 iPad Pro show some unimaginable performance gains in both CPU and GPU capabilities literally sending shock waves through the tech community. As we observer the benchmark scores for the M4 chip, it becomes obvious that the performance jump to the latest M4 chips is considerable. The results show that the average single-core score hovers around 3,750, while the multi-core score averages around 14,620. These scores are testimony to the notable improvement over previous Apple silicon processors. Let’s break down the key findings from the M4 benchmark results:

Single-Core Performance:

m4 benchmark single core
m4 benchmark single core

The Geekbench 6 scores show that M4 chip has set a new standard in single-core performance, achieving an astonishing 3,767 points. This very much set its positions as the world’s fastest consumer chip in terms of single-core performance, outperforming even the most powerful Intel processors. The M4’s single-core performance shows a 22% improvement over the not so old M3 chips, showing significant IPC improvements.

Multi-Core Performance

m4 benchmark multi core
m4 benchmark multi core

In the multi-core arena, the M4 chip scores a staggering 14,676 points, outperforming the M3 chip by almost 25%. This performance boost is mainly because of the additional efficiency cores integrated into the M4 chip.

Comparison with Previous Generations

If we compare these M4 Benchmark scores with M1, M2, and M3 chips we observe a clear progression in the performance.

M4 Benchmark
m4 benchmark : M4 vs M1, M2 , M3

In comparison with the M1, M2, and M3 chips, the M4 stands out as the most significant dive in CPU performance, boasting a 43% increase over the M1 and a 21% improvement over the M3 in multi-core scores. This is a remarkable improvement in the performance that positions the M4 as a formidable contender in the territory of Apple’s chip technology.

M4 Versus Pro and Max Chips

Further comparisons with the M1 Pro, M2 Pro, and M3 Pro chips highlight that the M4’s dominance in CPU performance. Surprisingly, the M4 outperforms even the M3 Pro, showing a 177% increase in speed compared to the M1. We can say that M4 is the potential top-tier Apple silicon processor based on the improved performances.

M4 Versus Max Chips

If we extend our analysis to the M1 Max, M2 Max, and M3 Max chips, we note that the M4’s CPU performance matches with the M2 Max, establishing a remarkable equality in processing power. This parity emphasizes the M4’s capabilities and positions it as a formidable competitor in the processing field.

Graphics Performance

The M4 Benchmark scores reveal that the M4 displayed a significant improvement over its predecessors in terms of graphics performance. The Benchmarks scores of 53,723 points show that the GPU performance of the M4 chip is equally impressive.

It is observed that the M4 is 23% faster than the M3 and 40% faster than the M1 in rendering the graphics. What this suggests is that the M4 is a powerhouse in both CPU and graphics capabilities.With these GPU scores, we can say that Apple has shown dedication to deliver better graphics in their future devices.

Key Points:

  • Our analysis focuses on M4’s 10-core CPU improvements over predecessors based on M4 Benchmark Scores
  • Geekbench 6 scores show that M4 chip displayed substantial improvements in single-core and multi-core performance
  • M4 iPad Pro Benchmarks reveal significant performance in both CPU and GPU features
  • Average single-core score was observed to be around 3,750 while multi-core score was observed to be around 14,620
  • Geekbench 6 scores establish M4 as world’s fastest consumer chip in single-core performance
  • M4’s single-core performance improves by 22% compared to M3 chips
  • Comparison with previous generations (M1, M2, M3) shows M4’s significant performance leap
  • M4 outperforms M1 by 43% and M3 by 21% in multi-core scores
  • M4 also dominates in CPU performance while compared to Pro and Max chips
  • M4 CPU performance matches M2 Max, establishing remarkable processing power parity
  • M4 displays significant improvement over predecessors in graphics performance
  • M4 Benchmark scores show GPU performance 23% faster than M3, 40% faster than M1 in rendering graphics
  • We can expect better graphics in future apple devices

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