Macbook Air M3

MacBook Air M3: Release Date, Specs, What to Expect and What Not to

Apple is gearing up for the release of Macbook Air M3 and the tech fraternity is high on expectations and anticipations.

Since M3 chip has already been launched last year, it is a matter of time before the state of the art M3 chip makes its way into the MacBook Air.

Here’s a sneak peek into the expected specification, release date, rumour and gossip about of Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air M3.

Current MacBook Air Evolution

Over the past two years, Apple introduced a redesigned 13-inch MacBook Air and, more recently, a larger 15-inch variant at WWDC 2023. Both models featured a new design, MagSafe 3, and the powerful M2 chipset, offering a substantial performance boost of around 20-30% compared to the M1.

The spotlight now turns to the upcoming MacBook Air M3, with the M3 chipset already making waves in the iMac and MacBook Pro 14-inch. With launching of Macbook Air M3, significant improvements over the M2 and M1 are anticipated.

Performance Boost with M3 Chipset

M3 chip is the foundation of the anticipated success of Macbook Air 2024, promising a significant performance boost.

The M3 chip to be used in Macbook air M3 comes with a breakthrough GPU architecture that enables advanced features while maintaining great power efficiency.

The M2 chips come with extra CPU and GPU cores as compared to the M1 chip, reportedly resulting in 20 % improvement in performance than M1 chip. One can expect that new Macbook Air incorporated with M3 chip could offer significant improvement (up to 15-20% ) compared to the M2 chip.

The M3 MacBook Air is expected to bring some noteworthy changes as compared to M1 and M2 airs. Although users currently on an previous MacBook Air may feel  upgrading to the Macbook M3 model well worth, however, for those already using the Macbook M1 or M2 models, the need for an upgrade may vary.

Expected Models of Macbook Air M3

The M3 MacBook Air is expected to dazzle with two models – 13.6 inches and 15.3 inches – with LED Retina displays, various storage options and with the new M3 chipset, of course. Under the hood, expect nothing less than an 8-core CPU, a choice of an 8 or 10-core GPU, and RAM ranging from 8 to 24 GB. The body will probably remain the same aluminum type, featuring MagSafe charging, USB-C ports, and familiar colors.

 Expected Display with Macbook Air M3

The M3 MacBook Air is expected to provide improvements in screen technology, with better resolution and color accuracy. We can expect Apple to deliver a stunning visual with Macbook Air M3 in 2024.

Mabook Air M2
Mabook Air M2

The upcoming M3 MacBook Air most probably will have a similar screen as the M2 model. The current MacBook Air (13-inch) has a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display with high resolution, brightness, and color support.

The M3 MacBook Pro might have a brighter display than the M2, possibly reaching 600 nits. There’s no expectation of Pro Motion feature on the Macbook Air M3.

There’s a possibility that the new M3 MacBook Air will come with new mini-LEDs for a brighter display.

The M3 MacBook Air is likely to retain the notch for the 1080p FaceTime camera without affecting the screen ratio, while Face ID is unlikely to be provided, for now on new Macbooks including the news Macook Air M3.

You may still be able to use only one display, you may have to utilize third party solutions in case you need more displays. You are expected to connect external display through thunderbolt ports.

Learn more into the revolutionary M3 Chip introduced last year in Macbook Pro Models

Expected New Color Options:

Following the introduction of the space black color in the M3 Pro and M3 Max models last year, there’s speculation that the MacBook Air will also receive a new color variant. So we can expect a visual refresh with a new color option for the 2024 MacBook Air. 

Expect Space Black color option similar to Pro M3
Expect Space Black color option similar to Pro M3

The possibility of the space black color making its way to the MacBook Air, along with an anti-fingerprint coating, adds a touch of sophistication to the new Macbook Air M3.

Macbook Air M3 Color expectation
Expected Space Black color with Macbook Air M3 similar to Pro M3

Speculations have been swirling for years about Apple unleashing a burst of color onto the MacBook Air scene that match the vibrant iMac enclosures. However, it seems unlikely that this feature will be included in the new MacBook Air 2024.

Apple M3 Macbook Air expected to meet the thermal Challenges

Previously, models featuring the M2 chipset had faced a lot of thermal issues. One of the biggest anticipation is that Apple will bring on better cooling system with Macbook Air M3. Why is this a big deal? Well, efficient heat dissipation is the secret sauce for sustaining optimal performance, so one would expect Apple will incorporate the necessary changes for better cooling into the new M3 Macbook air.

Design expectations similar to M2 Air

When Apple rolled out the M2 13-inch MacBook Air back in July, 2022, they gave it a whole new look with a fresh design, ditching the old tapered style and went for a more classic vibe, kinda like the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Macbook Air M3 Design
Macbook Air M2 design expected with new Air M3

Since this new design is pretty recent, we don’t think Apple will tweak much with the M3 upgrade. But everyone should be ok with it as it is already one of the slimmest and lightest laptops you can get.

Connectivity and Ports

Users can expect Apple to deliver improved connectivity and a range of ports on Macbook Air M3 to meet users’ needs. Several expectations have been identified based on available information.

MagSafe  and Thunderbolt,USB 4 ports in Macbook Air M2
MagSafe and Thunderbolt,USB 4 ports in Macbook Air M2

The M3 MacBook Air might have Thunderbolt ports as well as USB-C ports similar to Air M2. Thunderbolt ports and USB-C ports are recognized as fast ports capable of connecting different devices.

There’s also speculation about the MagSafe connector making a return through Macbook Air M3 in 2024.

Macbook air M3 expected prices

As Apple prepares to introduce the M3 chip upgrade for the 13-inch MacBook Air, we can expect that the price will likely remain more or less the same in the U.S., despite initial thoughts of a potential increase in price.

However, for our friends across the UK and in other global markets, there’s hope for some price reductions, because Apple adjusted prices due to exchange rates previously.

What’s even better is that the expected specs for the Macbook Air M3 model are looking pretty similar to the current M2 13-inch MacBook Air. Apparently, Apple is keeping the performance-to-price ratio in check, maintaining a balance between performance and affordability. Fingers crossed that U.K. prices will revert to equivalent dollar prices.

With the M3 Macbook Air making its debut in 2024, there’s a chance that Apple might bid farewell to the M1 MacBook Air. And guess what? The M2 model might get a sweet price drop to $999.

M3 MacBook Air expects Specs

Expect the M2 Macbook Air specs generally similar to M1 and M2 chips, with 8-core CPU and an 8- or 10-core GPU. However, the M3 chip stands out in comparison to M1 and M2 chips, as it is using a new 3nm process, which allows more transistors allowing better performance.

The Macbook Air M3 is expected to support 8-24GB of memory, so users will have the flexibility in choosing their desired configuration. This is an upgrade from the standard 8GB of unified memory found in both the M1 and M2 previously, with the flexibility of upgrading Macbook Air M3 up to 24GB.

The MacBook Air M3 is anticipated to retain its fanless design, similar to M3 Macbook Pro Models introduced last year, providing a noiseless experience. It is likely to have a headphone jack as well. Keeping Apple’s recent release trends in mind, we can expect Wi-Fi 6 connectivity in the new Macbook Air M3 2024.

Expected Release Date of Macbook Air M3

New MacBook Air models based on the M3 chipset are expected to hit the market around March 2024, sooner than the earlier predictions of July, 2024. This is probably because of a shift in Apple’s strategy, focusing on introducing the M3 inside Pro MacBook models before other MacBook models.

According to some trustworthy resources, including MacWorld and MacRumors, there is a strong expectation that the new MacBook Air models featuring the M3 chip will be unveiled around March 2024.

Recent information from famous website TechRadar suggests that the M3 MacBook Air is already in production, also raise the hopes for an early release, although no official confirmation from Apple.

Expect Extended Battery Life

With Macbook Air M3 we can expect improved battery life. The M3 chip is based on a smaller 3 NM process which enhances power efficiency and is also a great plus for longer-lasting battery.

Macbook Air M3 is also expected to come with MagSafe 3 charging port, which is likely to offer improved charging options, ensuring better and longer power supply.

Comparisons with the M2 MacBook Air reveal that the M3 variant could offer an additional hour of battery life, bringing the total to an impressive 19 hours.

Possible Downsides with Macbook Air M3

Not all is perfect with the M3 chip based Macbook air in 2024. Here are possible downsides that may demoralize some Macbook enthusiasts somewhat.

RAM Limitations:

The M3 chips used in Macbook Pro Models with 8 GB of RAM has a reported downside. Users have experienced difficulties, particularly when performing the video editing tasks, potentially resulting in frequent crashes due to limitations in video memory.

While it’s uncertain whether this issue is hardware-related or a result of dynamic caching issues, therefore, buyers looking to use the MacBook Air for video editing tasks are advised to opt for the at least 16 GB model to avoid performance hiccups.

No OLED Display Expected:

There were rumors initially that Macbook Air M3 would have OLED display, butrecent reports suggest disappointment in this area. The much-anticipated OLED display may not make its debut until 2026. l Users wanting more vibrant and contrast-rich visuals with the new Macbook Air M3 may feel a touch disappointed.

No 5G Connectivity:

Although some Tech geeks expected 5G, the 2024 MacBook Air M3 won’t feature 5G connectivity. Apple’s decision not to equip future MacBooks with cellular modems may be somewhat pragmatic, but it leaves some users wanting the convenience of high-speed connectivity on the go.

Single External Display Support:

MacBook Air M3 is likely to support only one external display, it is a significant drawback for users hoping for a versatile workspace. Provided that many other laptops, including competitors from Intel, AMD, and Snapdragon X Elite laptops, offer support for multiple external displays, Apple’s decision to go with only one external display with the new Macbook Air seems like a missed opportunity for enhanced productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will m3 macbook air come out?

M3 Macbook Air is expected to be release in March, 2024.

Is macbook air M3 expected to have OLED?

No, Macbook air M3 is not expected to have OLED for now.

Does MacBook Air have USB port?

Yes, MacBook Air models typically do come with USB-C ports.

Does Apple do Black Friday?

Yes, Apple participates in Black Friday, offering deals and discounts on various products during this annual shopping event.

Why does my MacBook Air run so slowly?

There could be a lot of reasons for Macbook Air running slowly
·         Storage is Full:
·         Too Many Background Apps are running currently:
·         Outdated Software:
·         Not Enough RAM to deal with multitasking:
·         Useless startup Programs might be using resources:
·         Malware or Viruses:
·         Old Hardware:
·         Overheating:
·         Visual Effects or multiple external display overloading the windowserver:
·         Hard Drive Issues like bad sectors:


Performance and Chipset:

The M3 chip is the key to the anticipated success of the MacBook Air 2024, promising a significant performance boost (upto 15-20% compared to M2 chip) from the previous Models.

Display and Design:

Macbook Air M3 model is expected to come with improved screen technology with better resolution and color accuracy.

No major design changes expected, since the design change with M2 models is very recent.

Possibility of new color option just like the M3 Macbook pro Models, but unlikely to feature multiple colors.

Connectivity and Ports:

MagSafe connector is expected to return, we can expect better connectivity with ports like Thunderbolt and USB-C ports

Price and Release Date:

Anticipated pricing for the M3 MacBook Air are similar to those of M2 model in the U.S., but Possible price reductions is likely for the UK market due to previous currency exchange adjustments by Apple.

Macbook Air M3 is expected to be launched in March, 2024, earlier than previous predictions.

Battery Life and Charging:

With MagSafe 3 charging port making a comeback we can expect better battery life (around 19-20 hours)

Expected Downsides with Macbook Air M3:

  • M3 base model with 8 GB Ram may have some limitations, especially during the video editing tasks.
  • No OLED display expected for the M3 MacBook Air.
  • No 5G connectivity is expected
  •  It is expected that M3 Macbook Air will support only one external display

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