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7 Best Free Screenwriting Software for Mac

Aspiring screenwriters, Students in film or writing programs, Professionals on a budget and other Mac users often search for the best free screen writing software on Mac. With the vast sea of screenwriting software options available over internet, Mac users often feel lost.

Choosing the Best screen software on Mac or any other platform is crucial for writers, ensuring professional formatting, and boosting efficiency while fitting within the budget.

Don’t worry! Making your life easier with the selection, we’ve rolled out the red carpet for you with a carefully curated list of our favorite free scriptwriting software on Mac. Go for the one that clicks with your vibe and makes writing feel like a fun, a creative dance, Here’s the quick list of our recommended screen writing software for Mac.

  1. Celtx: A Comprehensive Free Solution
  2. WriterDuet: Real-time Collaboration for Mac
  3. Fade In: A Sleek Option for Mac Users
  4. Trebly: Lightweight and Efficient
  5. Highland: Focused on the Writing Experience
  6. Kit Scenarist: Tailored for Mac Creatives
  7. RawScripts: Cloud-Based Screenwriting for Mac

Things to consider for best screen writing software for Mac

While scouting for free screenwriting software on Mac, we will keep an eye out for these must-have features for our specific needs.

  1. Mac Compatibility: When you are looking for best free screenwriting software on Mac, the most important thing to consider is the compatibility with macOS. You need to consider the design that aligns with Mac functions and layout. You may consider the screenwriting software’s integration with Mac feature like iCloud and support of Retina Display, compatibility with full screen mode, split view etc. One more important thing is that import/export feature offered by screenwriting software should be compatible with Mac file types.
  2. Free availability: There are screewriting software options for Mac which offer both free and paid versions. Since we are looking for free screenwriting software for Mac, We need to check if the free option provides all necessary features required for screenwriting and to meet your individual needs. Moreover, we need to see if the software provides updates as well as the support with the free option.
  3. Character and Dialogue Tools: While choosing screenwriting software for mac or any other platform, look for a program that makes it easy to keep track of characters and organizes the dialogues of the characters in your script. Scripts character should feel real and conversations should maintain flow to capture the reader’s attention.
  4. Formatting Capabilities: A good screen writing tool will help you in dressing up your writing in the best formatting, so, opt for software with strong formatting features.Screenwriting software should have robust formatting capability that supports industry standards, as well as automatic formatting options. Also look for customization options, preview modes, revision tracking, multi-platform collaboration, export and sharing options while looking for best free screenwriting software for Mac.
  5. Collaboration Features: If you’re working with others, pick a screen writing software that is like a team player with collaboration features available. Editing and commenting together on a collaborating screen writing software is like having a virtual writers’ room. You can edit scripts, leave notes and keep track of different versions easily. Look for a screen writing software that makes teamwork better and makes writing together smooth and easy.

Celtx: A Comprehensive Free Solution

Celtx free screenwriting software
Celtx free screenwriting software Mac

Mac users searching for the best screen writing software find numerous options. Celtx is one standout choice offering a comprehensive and free solution providing all in one platform for screenwriters. Caltex Mac version is optimized to integrate with different Apple devices, making sure it gives a smooth working experience on Mac.

Pros and Features:

  • Caltex provides Robust pre-production tools.
  • Collaboration features for team-based projects.
  • Comprehensive scriptwriting capabilities
  • Integrated script breakdowns for production planning (i.e. movies and shows)
  • Storyboarding or visual story plans and organizing schedules.
  • Media management tools allowing organizing audio, video, and other media files
  • Cloud-based storage enabling easy accessibility from different devices or different localities..
  • flexibility of sharing and distributing files in multiple formats
  • Provides Databases for characters and locations to make script development smoother.
  • Provides Real-time collaboration for efficient teamwork on projects.
  • Mac Version available


  • Celtx could be slightly hard to learn on Mac initially.
  • For Mac users who want simple script writing software, Celtx interface might be a little complicated.
  • Celtx offers a lot of fancy tools as well as planning features which many Mac users don’t need.
  • Celtx is not fully free, which means you may miss some cool features on free version, but it is generally enough for simple screenwriting.

Suggest For:

For Mac users who need more features than just the simple screenwriting, such as planning and organizing features for their files, working on team projects or needing cloud base access to their files.


WriterDuet is cloud-based screenwriting software that allows multiple users to work together on a single script and perform editing in real time.

Pro and Features:

  • Provides cloud-Based Collaboration, multiple users using any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) can collaborate in real-time on the same document.
  • No need to install any software, avoiding platform depending complexities.
  • Documents are automatically saved to the cloud, minimizing the risk of data loss.
  • Allow working in Offline Mode (Pro version only), users can work on scripts even without an internet connection.
  • Offers tools specific to screenwriting, such as formatting options for dialogue, action, and more.
  • Version Control feature allows to track changes made by different collaborators working on same project, allowing users to revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Includes a live chat feature for communication among collaborators or team members working on same project within the software.
  • Users can import and export scripts in various formats.
  • Provides insights into script stats like length, character count, and other relevant statistics.
  • Offers customized templates for different types of scripts (e.g., screenplays, stage plays).
  • For extended functionality, users can integrate with other third party tools.


  • Since writerDuet is cloud-based platform, it has Internet Dependency, you have to be online generally to work. It does offer offline mode, the full collaborative features require an internet connection for real time coordination.
  • Some users (Mac/Windows/linux) might find the interface initially challenging to navigate, although not a big problem.
  • Although free version does most of the screenwriting functions, more advanced features are available only on Pro (paid) version.

Suggested for:

  • WriterDuet is recommended for Mac users working live on screenwriting projects or prefer live collaboration and need cloud-based access.
  • Those who prefer a user-friendly interface for screenwriting and wish to avoid the complexities of installing additional software on their Mac.
  • Those working as a team and collaborating from mixed platform environment (Mac, Linux, Windows etc)

Fade In: A Sleek Option for Mac Users

Fade in is professional screenwriting software with a Mac version available. The software is known for its user-friendly interface (giving native feeling on Mac) and cross platform compatibility; it is a wonderful choice for versatile and professional screenwriting on Mac.

Pros and Features

  • Real-Time Collaboration feature, allowing team work on the same script at a time.
  • Documents are automatically saved to the cloud for added security and accessibility.
  • Provides Cross-Platform Compatibility, it works on macOS, Windows, and Linux, providing flexibility for users.
  • A free demo version is available, which provides extensive formatting tools for dialogue, action, and other script elements.
  • It provides regular Updates, the software receives frequent updates, keeping it current and improving its functionality.
  • Offers a suite of tools specifically made for professional screenwriting.
  • Provides a user-friendly yet professional Interface for writers.
  • Offline Mode allows users to work on scripts even without an internet connection.
  • Provides Export Options in different formats.
  • It does offer some integration with third-party tools and services for extended functions.
  • Those who want some advance or specialized features can use the Demo Version for as long as they want before purchasing it


  • Real Time collaboration, extensively used in Teamwork is not provided on demo version.
  • An occasional pop-up message for purchasing the software bothers the users, but you can skip the purchase easily and continue freely for as long as you want.
  • It includes a watermark when you print or create a pdf output of your work.
  • Internet dependency is required for real time or live collaboration.
  • Integration with third party software may be limited as compared to some other counterparts.
  • Some collaboration features will not work with offline mode.

Suggested For:

  • People who want a free screenwriting tool on Mac that is user friendly, simple yet professional.
  • Fade In is great for groups of screenwriters working together on same project.
  • Those who want to try advance features with Demo Version, before purchasing it

Trelby: Lightweight and Efficient

Trelby is lightweight and simple screenwriting software that provides essential features with user a friendly interface.  Focusing on essentials, it provides a distraction free environment to all kind of Mac users.

Pros and features of Trelby:      

  • Trebly provides all the essential features needed for screenwriting on Mac.
  • It is simple, fast, and elegantly laid out for ease of use.
  • Trelby is totally free, recommended for budget conscious users.
  • With Scene Navigator, users can easily navigate through different scenes in your script.
  • It has Character Database which manages and keeps track of characters.
  • It provides a Script Preview, showing how your script would appear on the screen.
  • Provides Export Options, allowing users to share files in multiple formats and collaborate.
  • It is lightweight, doesn’t consume a lot of system resources, ensuring smooth performance on Mac or other platforms.
  • It has simple, user friendly interface with easy navigation options for beginners.
  • Not compromising on quality, Trelby provides industry-standard formatting options to generate professional scripts.


  • Since Trelby screenwriting software is laid out keeping simplicity in mind, some users may find it less modern as compared to some premium alternatives.
  • Some Mac users may miss advance features, offered by other alternatives, (i.e. less support, less real time collaboration features etc)
  • It may have compatibility issues once the macOS is updated (although very rare)

Suggested For:

  • Recommended for Mac users, who prefer straight forward approach, like simplicity and want to avoid complexities.
  • Since it uses less system resources, Mac computers with inferior specs can benefit from it.
  • It is totally free, budget conscious users would definitely love it.
  • Recommended for beginners or naïve users doing screenwriting work.
  • Those who want to work offline.

Highland: Focused on the Writing Experience

Highland is free screenwriting software for Mac. Highland 2, the more recent version is first screenwriting software that includes Gender Analysis. Gender Analysis feature allows users to analyze gender breakdown in the user scripts. It is versatile, catering to the needs of all kinds of writing, making it more than just the screenwriting software.

Pros and Features of Highland:

  • Highland is versatile software, designed to work for various writing purposes, making it more than just screenwriting software.
  • It is native to Mac operating system.
  • It provides clean and focused environment for professionals.
  • Highland includes a goal-tracking feature, to help writers monitor and achieve their writing objectives.
  • Provides Drag and Drop Navigator to users, enhancing the organization and structure of their work.
  • Highland provides a word analysis feature, writers can analyze and optimize their writing.
  • Gender Analysis is a unique feature offered by Highland that offers insights into the breakdown of male and female characters in user script.
  • Revision Mode, allows writers to track changes during the writing process.
  • Highland includes a highlighting feature for writers to emphasize specific elements in their scripts.
  • Highlands’s standard edition is free.
  • It also offers a full free or Pro version (Highlands 2) for students who are enrolled in university writing programs (including film schools)
  • Free download available on Mac App store

Watch “highlands” in action as a free screenwriting software for Mac in the following video!


  • Gender Analysis feature is limited on standard free version as compared to Pro Version
  • Added features like revision mode, priority email support, extra templates, custom themes, and watermark-free PDFs are available on Pro Version only.

Suggested For:

  • Highland is recommended by professionals, such as John August, a screenwriter known for his work on various films.
  • Students (enrolled in universities writing subjects as well as students at Film School are offered free Pro Version)
  • Mac users looking for straightforward free screenwriting software with unique features like “Gender Analysis”” on their Mac
  • Those who want to create perfectly formatted screenplays.
  • Those seeking free screenwriting software on Mac without any time limits.

Kit Scenarist

Kit Scenarist is another free screenwriting software for available for Mac users. It offers essential screenwriting features, compatibility with other standard file formats as well as additional tools to enhance writing process.

Pros and Features of Kit Scenarist:

  • Kit Scenarist Provides Comprehensive Formatting Options (with a wide range of formatting options essential for screenwriting)
  • Supports the import and export feature in deferent formats including Final Draft (.fdx) files for collaboration and sharing of scripts.
  •  Provides a user-friendly interface, great for both beginners and experienced screenwriters on Mac.
  • The free version of KIT Scenarist is described as the most full-featured free screenwriting software available for Mac, making it an attractive choice for Mac users searching for free screenwriting software for on Mac. However, there are premium options available with even more advance options.
  • KIT Scenarist is not only free but also an open-source program, offering research tools, a digital and card pin-up board providing a platform for writers to develop and organize their screenplays.
  • KIT Scenarist is accessible for Mac users through the App Store, Mac users can easily download it.
  • Enables writers to work on and refine dialogue lines for each character in the scrip using Character Dialogue Management


  • Although it is a robust free option, some users may miss some advanced features offered by paid screenwriting software.
  • Collaboration features might be limited on free version.


RawScripts is free online screenwriting software which offers a straightforward and user-friendly platform for Mac users. The Rawscripts syncs data across devices, writers can pick up where they left off regardless of whether they’re on a Mac, iPad, or even a Windows based computer.

Pros and features of RawScripts:

  • RawScripts is Online or web-based platform for screenwriting available for different operating systems including Mac.
  • Users can access it through a browser without downloading or installing the software.
  • RawScripts offers a “free to use version” of its screenwriting software, allowing users to create and edit scripts without any cost, making it viable option for screenwriters on budget.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate. This makes it a good option for both beginners and experienced screenwriters on Mac.
  • RawScripts includes essential screenwriting tools such as standard formatting options, scene management, and character tracking, covering the basics needed for scriptwriting.
  • RawScripts allows multiple users to work on the same script simultaneously using collaboration feature.
  • It allows users to export their scripts in various formats, making it compatible with other screenwriting software and facilitating collaboration with users of different tools.
  • RawScripts may receive updates to improve functionality and address user feedback, ensuring users have access to the latest features.


  • RawScripts could be viewed as basic option for users with complex screenwriting needs. It lacks advanced editing options like audio/visual effects, or annotations, which are available with some other alternate software.
  • Mac users have to depend on the internet constantly to use it.
  • Free versions of online platforms often come with storage limitations. Users generating significant amount of content should manage storage capacity carefully.
  • Free versions of software may include annoying notifications of advertisements or promotional content.

Suggested For:

  • RawScripts is user-friendly and accessible, so it is good for beginners or casual writers who are just starting with screenwriting work.
  • RawScripts is free to use, which makes it an excellent option for writers on a budget while not missing essentials as a screenwriting software.

Wrapping Up:

Celtx: Comprehensive All-in-One Solution
Pros: Robust pre-production tools, collaboration features, comprehensive scriptwriting capabilities.
Cons: Slightly complicated for Mac users seeking simplicity.
Suggested For: Mac users desiring more than basic screenwriting features, especially those involved in team projects.

WriterDuet: Real-Time Collaboration
Pros: Cloud-based collaboration, automatic cloud saving, offline mode (Pro version), script-specific formatting options.
Cons: Internet dependency
Suggested For: Mac users requiring live collaboration, user-friendly interface, and cloud-based accessibility in mixed-platform environments.

Fade In: Sleek Professional Option
Pros: Real-time or live collaboration, cross-platform compatibility, regular updates, professional interface.
Cons: Limited real-time collaboration in the demo version, occasional annoying prompts for purchase.
Suggested For: Mac users preferring a smooth, professional, and versatile screenwriting tool, ideal for group projects.

Trelby: Lightweight and Efficient
Pros: Essential features for screenwriting, lightweight, distraction-free interface.
Cons: Less modern layout for some users, may have compatibility issues with macOS updates.
Suggested For: Budget-conscious Mac users who prioritize simplicity, beginners, and those working offline.

Highland: Focus on Writing Experience
Pros: Versatile software for various writing purposes, native to Mac, gender analysis feature.
Cons: Limited gender analysis in the standard version, certain features exclusive to the Pro version.
Suggested For: Mac users looking for a straightforward, free screenwriting tool with unique features and no time limits.

Kit Scenarist: Tailored for Mac Creatives
Pros: Comprehensive formatting options, open-source, user-friendly interface, character dialogue management.
Cons: Some advanced features reserved for paid versions, collaboration limitations in the free version.
Suggested For: Mac users needing comprehensive features, open-source flexibility, and dialogue management.

RawScripts: Cloud-Based Screenwriting
Pros: Online platform, free version available, user-friendly interface, collaboration support.
Cons: Basic for complex scripting needs, constant internet dependency, potential storage limitations.
Suggested For: Beginners or casual writers on a budget, seeking a user-friendly, free screenwriting platform.

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