How to play apex on mac

Apex Legends on Mac: How to Play Apex on Mac: [5 Proven Methods]

Apex Legends is traditionally a windows (OS) centric game. Mac users who have enjoyed Apex on Windows often wonder how to play apex on Mac, when they switch to macOS.

Can you play Apex legends on mac ?

How to Play Apex on  Mac
Apex Legends on Mac

Yes, with work around solutions, you can certainly play Apex Legend on Mac. Below is a quick fire list of 5 methods you can use to play Apex on Mac.

  1. Boosteroid Cloud Gaming
  2. GeForce Now with Opex
  3. Boot Camp and Windows OS
  4. Virtual Machine or Parallels
  5. Play Station (PS4/PS5)

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming with steam

Boot steroid is the most affordable cloud gaming option. With this method you can play Apex Legends on your Mac without the need for extensive hardware. Boosteroid allows you to play many games like Apex legends on Mac seamlessly utilizing cloud gaming experience. You do need to have the steam account already setup for this method.

To play Apex legends on Mac using Boosteroid follow these steps

  • Just go to boosteroid website
  • click the “sign in” button on the top right to create a new account
create boosteroid acccount
Sign in/Create account on Boosteroid
  • Activate the account with our email account once the account is created
  • Test the speed of your internet connection before you make any purchase for boosteroid
  • Just click the button at the top right hand side of the screen to see the speed of your internet connection
play apex legends on mac with boosteroid
Test speed on internet on boosteroid
  • it is highly recommended  to connect your MacBook directly to the internet using an Ethernet cable , this will hugely improve your latency if you use Wi-Fi then you’re going to experience some dropouts some lag and this is going to be death for cloud gaming, so try to  get a decent latency of 16 milliseconds which is the recommended number.
boosteroid internet speed
Internet speed on boosteroid
  • Now click the Subscribe and play button
  • Choose preferred subscription option (monthly subscription it’s probably the best for you if you want to test this out for the very first time)
  • accept the terms and conditions make the payment
  • now go to the search bar and type “apex legends” and click “install and play”
play apex on mac with boosteroid
Play Apex Legend on Mac with Boosteroid
  • Now click “accept the terms and conditions”
  • Installation will start, just sign into you steam account once prompted
  • Now steam will be loaded up with Boosteroid
  • Press the Green button on top left
  • Go to library and type “apex legends”
how to play apex on mac with steam
  • Now click “play”


  • Cheapest cloud gaming (at around $9/10 per month)
  • No Hardware dependency
  • Compatible with all MacOS version and hardware Models


  • Requires a fast and stable internet connection
  • It’s not free as you have to play for cloud gaming

Suggest for :

  • The Old Mac Model Users
  • Mac users with limited hardware capability of Mac
  • Individuals having stable internet connection may utilize this feature instead of bearing cost of expensive hardware.

Play Apex on Mac with GeForce Now and Opex

Apex Legends on mac
Play Apex Legends on Mac with GenForce

you can play Apex Legends on a Mac using GeForce and Opex. Geforce will connect  your Mac to NVIDIA’s servers, for process the game and then streaming it to your Mac, halting the need of high end hardware on your Mac.

To play apex on Mac with GeForce, follow these steps

  • Download Geforce from Nvidia Website
  • Install the Geforce
  • Create your account on origin
  • Login on Nvidia (Create your account if you don’t have one) by clicking the icon at top right
  • Launch the “Geforce” app on you Mac
  • Find the “Apex Globe” scrolling down or simply by typing the name in search bar
  • Now Click on “Paly”
  • Click “Join Today” on next prompt
Play apex on max with GeForce
  • Next click on the “plan”, (free and paid plans are available, you can select free plan with only hour session)
NVIDIA GeForce subscriptions
Accredited (NVIDIA, GenForce)
  • Open the “GeForec” app again
  • Click “Play” and the then click “proceed”
  • You will connected to the default server
  • It will prompt you to login to your “Origin Account”, login to origin
  • Click “Used Clout Data”
  • Start playing the game


  • No local high end hardware required
  • Utilize the high quality graphics of NVIDIA GPUs through the cloud
  • Free limited subscription available


  • Stable internet is required for streaming
  • Have to bear subscription cost for extended features
  • You have to wait for your turn (in case of overload on servers)
  • One hour game play ( each session) with free subscription
  • Any downtime on NVIDIA server will halt the game play even if your own internet is good

Suggested for:

  • The Mac users prioritizing the latest graphics 
  • Mac users with limited hardware capability
  • Mac users with the latest Apple silicon (M1, M2) can benefit from native support

Play Apex legends on Mac with Boot Camp

How to play apex on mac

Currently, the best way to play Apex Legends on Mac is by installing Windows on your Mac with the application Boot Camp, which comes on every Mac. This is all a free process, and it’s actually pretty simple to set up.

You can download a free Windows 10 ISO from the description, and then, you have to open Boot Camp Assistant, and the application will do the rest.

Boot Camp will give you the best performance possible, as your Mac will run Windows using all its power, just like any other PC.


  • Boot Camp provides direct access to your Mac’s hardware resources(because of single boot), allowing the game to leverage the full capabilities of your Mac for improved graphics and overall performance
  • Apex Legends is windows centric game, it will surely perform better on windows OS even on Mac hardware


  • Boot Camp may encounter driver-related issues, and ensuring that all drivers are up-to-date for optimal performance can be a potential challenge
  • Some Mac hardware configurations may not be fully compatible with certain Windows games, leading to potential compatibility challenges when playing Apex Legends on specific Mac models
  • Switching between the Operating systems need a restart.
  • With virtual machines and Parallels you can cross platform multitasking pausing the game for a while, but Boot Camp will allow only one Operating system running at a time.

Suggested for:

After some research, I believe the following Mac models will run the game at acceptable performance.

  • All MacBook Pros released since late 2016,
  • All iMacs with AMD GPUs released since late 2014
  • All Mac Pros released since late 2013.

The following Mac models should be able to run Apex Legends but with limited performance.

  • 15-inch MacBook Pros released since mid-2015 with AMD Radeon R9 chipsets
  • All iMacs released since late 2013 with NVIDIA GPUs should run this game but may have a low frame rate, much below 60
  • All 2012 and up MacBook Airs,
  • 12-inch MacBooks,
  • Mac Minis will struggle to run this game, running it at the lowest preset settings, and struggling to reach 30 frames per second.

Playing Apex legends on Mac on Virtual Machine

A virtual machine (VM) is a software-based emulation of a physical computer, allowing you to run an operating system (OS) within another OS, while Parallels Desktop is a popular virtualization software application specifically designed for macOS for the same purpose. You can install windows OS on virtual machine or Parallels and then play Apex Legends on Mac within the emulated environment.

Check the compatibility of your Mac with the latest version of Parallels Desktop , ensuring optimal support for virtualization to have an enjoyable gaming experience while play Apex on Mac using virtual machine.

To play Apex legends on Mac with virtual machine or parallels follow these steps

  • Choose virtual machine software like VirtualBox or Parallels
  • Install the virtual machine software on your Mac
  • Create a new virtual machine (on sizeable partition)
  • Install a Windows operating system on the virtual machine
  • Download and install Apex Legends within the virtual machine
  • Play the game as you play it on windows OS


You can play Windows centric games including Apex Legends on Mac with virtual machines or parallels without switching between the Operating Systems.


Since virtual machines often have limited access to the host system’s resources, the performance may not match that of a dedicated gaming PC. The performance of Apex Legends on a virtual machine/ Parallels depends on the virtualization software’s compatibility with the game’s requirements and the Mac’s hardware capabilities.

Suggested, if:

You can play Apex legends on Mac using virtual machines or parallels comfortably on a MacBook Pro with a dedicated graphics card, Models with higher-end GPUs, such as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, are also likely to provide a smoother gaming experience.

Play Apex on Mac using play station (PS4) remote play

Play Apex on Mac using play station
Play Station Setup on Mac

PS4 or Sony (Remote Play) allows users to stream and play PlayStation console games on a compatible device like Mac over a internet.

if you own a PlayStation system you can easily play Apex on Mac, following these steps

Remote play on mac
  • Go to the “settings” and choose “Remote Play Connection Settings.”
  • Select the checkbox for “Enable Remote Play”
  • “Activate as Your Primary PS4,” by going to Settings > Account Management
  • Connect a controller to your Mac preferably through USB (or Bluetooth)
  • Open the “PS4 Remote Play” ,the, “sign in”
  • Now connect to “PS4” or “PS4”
  • Search for the “Apex Legends” and start playing

(Note: process and the options may differ on different macOS and Mac versions)

If you want to know more about setting up Play station on Mac, watch the video below

Setting up Play Station on Mac


  • No additional hardware required
  • No need for dual booting or resource incentive virtual machines
  • No need to buy dedicated gaming console, just use the PS4 remote Play that you already have with PS4


  • Dedicated high speed internet is required for smooth gaming experience without lags and stutters.
  • You have to make sure that Apex Legends in available in PS4 library that you are using

Suggested for

Following Mac versions run Apex Legends using PS4 comfortably enough for an enjoyable gaming experience.

  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS Catalina
  • Ei captaion
  • Later versions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apex Legends supported under the macOS operating system?

Apex Legends on Mac is currently not supported.

Will Apex Legends come to Mac?

No idea, most likely not, but don’t say never. Some big games similar to this one in terms of game play and graphics are supported by Mac.

Is A Mac good for gaming?

No, Mac has never been known to be the gamers first choice, but it still can many games with efficient speed and performance.

Can you play Apex Legends without Windows?

Yest, you can play Apex Legends on play stations (PS4/PS5) or many other operating systems like macOS with workaround solutions.

Can you play apex on Mac M1?

Yest, but you will not have an enjoyable gaming experience, because of low frame rate and other performance related issues.

how to remove apex one security agent from mac

Follow these steps to remove apex one security agent from Mac
“Disable real-time protection” in Apex One Security Agent.
Run “Trend Micro’s uninstaller tool” or move the application to Trash.
Manually “delete related files” in specified directories.
“Restart your Mac” for changes to take effect.

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