Next Apple Event

Next Apple Event: Expect New Macbook Air M3, Mac Mini, iPads

Tech giant, Apple, arguably the most valuable company in the world does not really care about participating in other tech event in the world. It has “events” of its own every year. This year too, Apple Park is expected to host a wonderful Apple Spring Event.  In this article we will discuss, what to expect, when is the next Apple Event, how to watch apple event live and other rumors in connection with next apple event.

When is the next apple event?

There were expectations that Apple might hold an event in the spring of 2024 and Vision Pro would be one of the major products to be unveiled. But Vision Pro was released on February, 2nd, 2024 without any major event.

With the launch of such a big product already, will there be a spring Apple event, at all?  There are plenty of rumors about new products being in Apple’s pipeline, which could be ready to be launched in March or Mid-April, so late march or mid-April event is still a possibility of the next Apple event. Apple is already running student deal in Southern Hemisphere countries, which ends on March 13, so new products are likely unleashed after March 13.  

There were no Apple events in spring 2020 or 2023, so it is not a norm with Apple to hold a spring event every year. If that doesn’t happen, next date could be in July, or September, 2024.

What to expect in next Apple event?

Last year’s Apple Event in October, 2023, came up with the big release of MacBook Pro M3 and iMac. We already have seen arrival of Vision Pro in February, though in US only, what can we expect at the spring event (if it happens, of course)? Well , just looking at the year 2023 Apple releases, we can have a clue of what to expect in Apple Sprint event in 2024.

Last year we didn’t get any Macbook Air M3 variants, no Mac minis powered with M3 chips, or upgraded iPads. AirPods Pro and EarPods did get USB-C ports, though.         

Keeping all that in mind we can expect the following   

Expectations with Macs:

With the launch of groundbreaking M3 Chips in Apples October 31st event last year, we can expect major upgrades with Macs this year.

Mac Mini with new chips:

New Mac mini
New Mac mini with M3 expected

iMac has already been powered with an M3 chip, while MacBook Pro got an upgrade with  M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max chip, so,  we are within our rights to expect,  M3 chips making their way into the Mac minis. Mac Mini already has Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5, so we won’t get any other changes

MacBook Air with M3:

Macbook Air M3
New Macbook Air with M3 Chip Expected in Apple Spring Event

One of the most rumored expectation with this year’s Apple Spring event is Macbook Air with M3 chips. Macbook Air is expected to get an M3 upgrade because for the first time in years, Apple released the new M3 chip in the MacBook Pro first without giving it to the Macbook Air at the same time so that’s exactly what the air will be all about the new M3 chip. The rumors are pointing to Apple releasing both a 13-in and 15-in models at the same time which makes sense.

You can read the detailed article on Macbook Air M3 upgradations in next Apple event.

Upgraded iPads:

iPad Mini:  None of the iPads received any update in the last year’s Apple event. In fact, the iPad mini didn’t get an upgrade even in 2022. So it is expected to get an update, this year.

iPad air: iPad Air is expected to get an upgraded to 6th generation. There are rumors, iPad Air will get an M2 chip and a bigger 12.9 display as well. Also expect a Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 in 6th Generation iPad Air.

It is also rumored that apple is finally updating the camera bump on the back of iPad Air which is exciting since it’s been the same for years, this time around it’ll look more like a pill shape.

Bigger iPad Pro:

New iPad Pro
Apple Spring Event is expected to unleash an iPad Pro with M3 Chip

iPad pro will may get a bigger 14 inch display. iPad pro is also expected to be powered with latest M3 Chips. M3 chip in iPad Pro could be a very good addition, it is very powerful, very efficient and has some awesome new gaming features like Ray tracing and metal affects up scaling, basically allowing AAA games to run even better.

MagSafe wireless charging
MagSafe wireless charging is expected with ipad pro

You may also see brighter OLED displays in next iPad Pro Models. Other rumored features of the next iPad Pro include a Magic Keyboard, MagSafe wireless charging, just like on the iPhone, larger trackpad and an aluminum top casing, and a landscape front camera, may be, just like we have one on the budget iPad 10, making it look so much more natural for FaceTime and zoom calls.


The AirPods Max also deserves and update treatment from the Apple at the earliest. There isn’t much noise about it, though, but we hope Apple understands. A new cheaper AirPod model, just at around $99 rumored to hit the consumers, though. Don’t expect any new AirPods probably till 2025.

New apple pencil 3 for iPad Pros:

Apple Pencil 3
Apple Pencil 3 is expected explicitly for iPad Pros

It is rumored that apple has built a new Apple Pencil 3 compatible Find my App, exclusively for iPad Pros.

Those clumsy users would now be able to find out their lost Apple pencil easily. This new apple pencil 3 is also expected to support the Vision Pro headset

Upgrade in Operating Systems:

Apple confirmed has confirmed that iOS 17.4 will be released in March. As Apple has to comply with Digital Markets Act to avoid any fines, and march 6th is the deadline. So it is likely that that Apple’s Spring Event may also see iOS 17.4.

March, 2024 may also see upgrade in macOS 14.4, watchOS 10.4, tvOS 17.4 etc.

Changes in iPhones:

Apple has the history of blessing iPhones with newer colors in the spring season, so you can expect new color with iPhones. There are no expectations of new iPhone on thing Spring Event, probably not before September 2024.

How Many Events are Expected in Year 2024?

Well, Last year there were four Apple events:

  1. Spring Event in April
  2. Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023[
  3. Fall Event in September 2023
  4. Late Event in October 2023

Similarly, in 2022 Apple held three events. So what to expect in 2024? Will Apple hold four or three events in the year, 2024? Well, as always, there isn’t any official word yet, but we can expect at least 3 Apple events this year.

What time Apple’s next spring event starts?

Based on past history, Apple’s events usually kick off by 10 a.m. in local (California) time. However, last year the October 30, Apple event took place much later at 5pm PT. You can translate this into your own time zone depending upon your locality.

How long is the apple event?

Apple events generally last around one to two hours. The exact duration can depend on the keynotes, announcements and product presentations etc. WWDC and the September events tend to be longer, while the spring and late-fall events are usually slightly shorter. The October 30 event in 2023, however, lasted about half an hour.

People Also Asked For:

When is the next apple event?

Apple event is expected in this spring, late march or mid-April based on past events, however there is no official word from Apple just yet.

What to expect on apple event?

New Macbook Air with M3 chips, iPad Air 6th Generation, up gradation in Mac minis as well as new Operating Systems are expected in the next Apple Event.

How to watch apple event on apple TV?

Open the “Apple TV” app on your Apple TV device. Look for the “Apple Event” in the lineup of available shows.  Click and watch the show. To watch the event on Apple TV, you need to have an Apple TV that supports the App Store and features the TV app.

How to watch apple event on android?

·        Apple TV app: Download the Apple TV app from the Google Play Store and watch the event live through the app
·        YouTube: Apple does streams its events live on YouTube, so you can watch the event live on the official Apple channel on YouTube using the YouTube app on your Android device
·        Apple’s Website: You can visit Apple’s official website using a web browser on your Android device and watch the live stream of Apple event.

How long is the apple event?

You can view “Apple Event” live on Apple TV, Apple’s official website as well as on YouTube.

Key Points :

  • The next Apple event is expected to be held this spring, possibly in late march to mid-April, 2024. There is no official word from the Apple, yet, though.
  • Expect some new products and updates from the Apple on the next Apple Event.
  • Anticipated products for the next Apple Event include the MacBook Air with M3 chips, iPad Air 6th generation, other updates to iPads like Apple Pencil 3 and updates to Mac mini models.
  • Don’t expect new iPhone models, but some new color may be on the offering, in the next Apple Event
  • Operating system updates, like iOS 17.4 and macOS 14.4, are also expected.
  • At least three Apple Events are anticipated for the year, 2024.
  • Apple events typically start at 10 a.m. local time in California and last one to two hours.
  • Watch the new Apple event live on the Apple TV app, YouTube, or Apple’s website.

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