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Latest Mac OS: Sonoma 14.4 Features and Everything You Should Know

Apple has just rolled out the macOS Sonoma 14.4 update, also known as the spring release. Packed with a plethora of features, changes, and fixes, 14.4 Sonoma is available around the world at the same time for everyone

This article covers literally everything you would want to know about the latest Mac Os, Sonoma 14.4.

latest Mac OS Sonoma 14.4 Features and upgrades:

FaceTime Enhancements:

What Apple has done with FaceTime is to save face for many users. A number of users in the past have complained for these unexpected fireworks in background when they were like in very important meetings and interactions.

With macOS Sonoma 14.4, you can very muchSay goodbye to accidental reactions during important meetings. Apple has introduced a thoughtful change to FaceTime interactions. Reactions are now defaulted to off, saving users from unexpected surprises and potential embarrassment, during meetings and other interactions.

Fresh Wallpapers:

sonoma 4.14 wallpapers
Sonoma 4.14 wallpapers

One of the things I’ve noticed, especially after testing out the new mac OS Sonoma 14.4, is the updated wallpapers. They have added some fresh ones, like images of the latest iMacs and the sleek Pro black for the MacBook Pros. they’ve also added some classic favorites, like the stunning Hello Metallic. It’s great to see Apple giving us more options to personalize our screens.

Safari Enhancements:

macos 14.4 safari
safari enhancements on Sonoma 14.4

One of the most noticeable changes comes in the form of Safari updates. Now, when you navigate through your bookmarks, you have the option to show or hide the title, streamlining your browsing experience. This small tweak can make a big difference for users who prefer a cleaner interface.

Fixing unexpected restarts:

Bid farewell to unexpected restarts and application crashes! macOS Sonoma 14.4 addresses canal panics, providing a more stable and reliable computing environment for users.

Podcast Transcripts:

Podcast lovers can rejoice as the new macOS 14.4 Sonoma introduces a game-changing feature to the Podcast app – transcripts.

Sonoma Podcast upgrade
Sonoma 14.4 Podcast upgrade

Now, you can easily follow along with your favorite podcasts, search for specific topics, and even adjust accessibility settings for a more personalized listening experience.

Unified Interface Design:

Consistency is key, and Apple knows it. With macOS 14.4 Sonoma, you’ll notice a unified design language across various apps. Whether you’re browsing through music, TV shows, or books, the “Home” tab provides a familiar starting point, making navigation seamless and intuitive.

Home tab on Podcast
Home tab on Podcast

If you see on the left it says “home” it no longer just says “listen now” on Podcast

 The same is true if we go into music App, so if we go into the music app, you’ll see it says “home”, it no longer says “listen now”

sonoma 14.4 music
sonoma 14.4 music

Same goes for TV or the Books App

Sonoma 14.4 TV app
Sonoma 14.4 TV app

So, they are really unifying and making things consistent across the OS which is a great move. Everything is going to seem the same across the apps, that you use from day to day.

Enhanced Messages and Emojis:

Messaging just got a whole lot better with macOS 14.4 Sonoma. While the addition of new emojis adds a touch of fun, the real star of the show is the implementation of PQ3 encryption. This advanced security measure ensures that your iMessages remain private and secure, protecting your conversations from prying eyes.

Sonoma 14.4 emojis
Sonoma 14.4 emojis
  • we have new Emoji as well such as a mushroom
  • We have Emoji facing to the right instead of to the left
  • a lime
  • a phoenix
  • a broken chain
  • a head nodding up and down
  • a head turning left to right
  • some family icons
  • Motorized wheelchair facing right
  • a manual wheelchair facing right
  • some people running while some people with a walking

Businesses leveraging Messages for Business will now receive updates they’ve opted into, such as order status, flight notifications, and fraud alerts.

 Improved Clock App:

Even the smallest details matter, which is why macOS 14.4 Sonoma introduces new alarm, sounds to the Clock app. From “Daybreak” to “Journey,” these new additions add a refreshing twist to your wake-up routine.

Sonoma Mac OS clock
Sonoma 14.4 Mac OS clock

So, if we open the “clock” on new macOS 14.4 sonoma, we actually see that we have a bunch of new alarm sounds.

 Changes with Siri:

Another update has to do with Siri. The update allows users to activate Siri using the phrase “hey Siri” in different languages, such as German, French, and Spanish, in addition to the original language (presumably English).

Siri Mac OS
Siri Mac OS Sonoma 14.4

So, for example, if you have your Mac set to one of these languages (German, French, or Spanish), you can now use “hey Siri” as a trigger phrase to activate Siri and ask for a response, just like you could in English. This update likely aims to make Siri more accessible and user-friendly for speakers of various languages.

New Widgets:

Sonoma 14.4 widgets
Sonoma 14.4 widgets

They have added some fresh widget options that you can easily select and drag onto your screen. It is super convenient! Plus, they’ve made improvements to existing widgets like CD3 and digital clocks. Just drag and drop them wherever you like. These updates are making our Mac experience even better

Fine-tuning with Security Updates:

Under the hood, macOS 14.4 Sonoma comes packed with over 50 security updates, addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring a safer computing experience for all users. From kernel improvements to enhanced app security, Apple leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your data.

There’s a bunch of bug fixes in this update.  We can find through the Apple’s website they have quite a few things that are resolved.

Issues resolved mentioned on Apple’s website include:

  • App Kit improvements.
  • Finder issues, Resolved an issue where tiling a window causes the desktop picture to turn black.
  • Messages app improvements by resolving some issues with stickers.
  • Pass Keys enhancements by resolved issues related to pass keys functionality.
  • The update includes numerous fixes, some of which were actively exploited.
  • Important updates cover various areas such as WebKit for Safari, Siri, Spotlight, and more.
  • Security updates are particularly emphasized.
  • Overall performance and stability seem satisfactory; no issues or crashes encountered.
  • Various third-party apps like Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator, and others work fine after the update.

how to update to latest mac os?

This is very simple.

  • Click on the “Apple menu” in the top-left corner of your screen
  • Then select “System Preferences.”
  • From there, click on “Software Update” to check if any updates are available
  • Click on “update”

what is the latest os my mac can run?

Now that you know that the new mac OS , Sonoma 14.4 has been released with some considerable options, you might be asking yourself if your Mac is compatible with it. Well, to determine whether the latest macOS version is compatible with your Mac, you need to consider your Mac model. Different models support different macOS versions. Here’s how you can find out:

Identify your Mac model by clicking on the “Apple menu”, then selecting “About This Mac.”

Now, Refer to Apple’s official compatibility list or third-party compatibility guides to see which macOS versions your specific Mac model supports.

Here on Apple’s official site you can find out if your Mac can run latest Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.

how to install latest Mac OS on old mac?

Looking to upgrade your older Mac with the latest macOS version? Here’s how you can do it:

Check Compatibility: First things first, make sure your Mac meets the minimum requirements for the latest macOS version. Even though it’s an older model, some tweaks might make it work.

Use Third-Party Tools: There are some good tools out there like “Catalina Patcher” or “OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OLP)” that can help you install the latest macOS on your older Mac.

Download macOS Installer: You can find it on the App Store or download it through your web browser.

Install MacOS through the installer.

Wrapping Up:

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve covered in this article about the latest mac OS Sonoma 14.4:

  • macOS Sonoma 14.4, is release and now available worldwide
  • Sonoma 14.4 is packed with features and improvements.
  • No more accidental reactions during important meetings with the changes to FaceTime interactions.
  • Enjoy updated wallpapers, including images of the latest iMacs and sleek Pro black for MacBook Pros, alongside classic favorites.
  • Streamline your browsing experience with the option to show or hide titles when navigating through bookmarks on Safari browser.
  • macOS Sonoma 14.4. has bug fixes to deal with unexpected restarts and application crashes
  • Follow along with your favorite podcasts easily with the introduction of transcripts.
  • Experience a unified design language across various apps for a seamless navigation experience.
  • Messaging gets better with new emojis and advanced security measures like PQ3 encryption.
  • Enjoy new alarm sounds like “Daybreak” and “Journey” for a refreshing wake-up routine.
  • Changes with Siri, now you can activate Siri using “hey Siri” in various languages, expanding accessibility for users.
  • Personalize your screen with fresh widget options and improvements to existing ones.
  • Benefit from over 50 security updates, ensuring a safer computing experience.

People Also Asked For:

what is the latest mac os?

The latest macOS version is macOS Sonoma 14.4.

what are the 3 latest versions of mac os?

1.       macOS Sonoma 14.3      
2.       macOS Ventura 13.6.4
3. macOS Monterey 12.7.3

what is latest mac os ventura?

The latest version of macOS Ventura is macOS Ventura 13.6.4, which was released on February 13, 2024

how to downgrade macos sonoma to ventura?

To install macOS Sonoma on an unsupported Mac, utilize tools like OpenCore Legacy Patcher, ensuring compatibility and stability. Download the macOS installer from the App Store or via a web browser. Follow detailed installation guides tailored to specific Mac models and macOS versions to ensure a smooth process.

how long does macos sonoma update take?

The time taken for a macOS Sonoma update can vary based on factors like internet speed, system performance, and the specific update size. Generally, the update process can range from around 10 minutes to a few hours

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